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Technology - February 22, 2022

5G the future power of the internet world


Technology has evolved drastically for the better, leveling up people’s knack towards the subject and also their habit of technology that is, being used to smartphones, smartwatches, emails, etc. This exponential increase in the sector of technological preferences among people has been such that even when one is planning a vacation in the woods, far away from city life, he craves for wireless connections, faster internet and all other technological gadgets handy.

Agreed, that technology has evolved for the better and things are a lot easier compared to prior scenarios, but what about situations when the cellular connections aren’t that strong? What if the area you are in lacks proper WiFi connectivity? Well, that makes the internet world a little dicey.

Starting from checking your emails to tracking nearby restaurants or clubs, downloading a movie or simply making a Skype call with your best friend in another time zone—everything remains tricky if there’s a lack of proper internet resources.

However, with 5G technology, you can breathe a sigh of relief as according to engineers and wireless communication experts, your devices with 5G connections will soon adapt to syncing efficiently and pairing effectively that too in a far too lesser time, compared to the current 4G technology criteria.

Terming 5G technology as the “fusion of all the wireless technology,” Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Communication and Devices Group of Intel Aicha Evans has said that with a strong service provider and equally strong robust network, 5G technology can actually do wonders and transform the entire way we communicate with the world for the better.

Elaborating further, Evans said that the current mode of communication is generally single mode based, wherein, you enter keywords and search for something and the results come to you. With 5G technology, however, the entire process of this communication will be dual, wherein the system and modes will be more responsive and interactive with a significant amount of positive transformations in the user interface.

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