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Ajmal Perfumes & Fragrance


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Ajmal Perfumes Overview

Ajmal Perfumes is a leading brand from the Middle East and India. The company was established in 1951 and has since become a global name. The company has a strong retail presence in the GCC, having more than 200 exclusive retail outlets in 20 countries.

Ajmal has also expanded to more than 50 global markets and has a turnover of USD 200 million. The Ajmal family is a household name in the Gulf region and the Middle East.

The Ajmal Perfumes brand has an illustrious heritage. The company was started by Haji Ajmal Ali in the early 1950s in Mumbai. With a small amount of oudh oil and a rented house, he set up a trade house in the city.

He experimented with fragrance mixtures until he found the one that was right for him. In 1964, he decided to give the brand the name ‘Ajmal’ and began selling his product line under this name. The Ajmal family opened the first Ajmaal outlet in Dubai, and launched its first fragrance, Mukhallat.

The Ajmal family has grown to encompass more than 70 perfume lines and more than 140 retail outlets in India. In addition to a growing network of exclusive retail outlets, the Ajmals also have ambitious plans for expansion in the UK by 2011.

Located in the Indian perfume market, Ajmals has offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hojai, and other important cities. Ajmaal Perfumes is establishing new showrooms in all major cities across the country, and is working to reach every state capital by 2012.

Ajmal Perfumes began as a modest trading house in the early 1950s. The Ajmal family now has over 500 distributors worldwide. Their fragrances are available in over 200 retail outlets worldwide.

And with the Ajmaal brand, you can be sure that your scent will be as unique as the Ajmals themselves. With an impressive heritage and a storied heritage, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try one of the new perfumes.

The rich history of Ajmaal Perfumes is a testament to the quality of its products. Founded in the early 1950s in India, Haji Ajmal Ali began his business with just Rs500.

Today, the brand has expanded to a multi-million dollar company, and the Ajmals have been a part of the company’s success. They have always been family-owned and are now working hard to create the best fragrances possible.

Ajmal Perfumes was established in the early 1950s in Assam, India. Founded by Late Haji Ajmal Ali, Ajmal Perfumes have since expanded to over 200 retail outlets in 20 countries, and their ambitions include expansion in London.

They are also aggressively expanding in the Indian perfume market and have recently opened new showrooms in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hojai.

Ajmal Perfumes has a rich history of seven decades of excellence in the art of perfumery. With its extensive knowledge of this trade and its dedication to quality, the company has established itself as a leader in the industry.

Today, it offers a plethora of fragrances and offers an online shopping experience for customers in the UAE and KSA. Read on to discover the brand’s illustrious past and explore its future.

Founded in 1957, Ajmal Perfumes has carved out a niche in Middle Eastern perfumery. The company is a regional corporation with over one hundred and thirty exclusive retail locations in the region and over 500 dealerships throughout the world.

The company’s fragrances are sold in more than twenty countries worldwide. Its fragrances are sourced from all over the world and are exported to more than 24 countries.

Among the best-known fragrances from the region, Ajmaal has been known for its affordability and natural ingredients. The company also offers affordable options to its customers, and its packaging has been a major factor in its rise to success.

Ajmal’s packages are recyclable and original, and the scents are of superior quality and appeal to a broad clientele, including those in the Gulf and India. With their products, Ajmal has set the standard for the quality of perfumery.

Founded by Haji Ajmal Ali, the Ajmal family has successfully expanded from a modest trading house to a multinational business. It has over 200 exclusive retail stores in twenty countries, 500 dealers around the world and has a turnover of over USD 200 million.

In addition to its products, the company has a significant presence in India and the MENA region. It has a rich history and legacy that reflects its dedication to quality and innovation.

Founded in 1890, Ajmaal Perfumes has a global presence with over two hundred exclusive retail outlets and 500 dealerships in more than twenty-five countries.

The company also has a strong retail presence in the GCC and has a substantial presence in more than thirty countries. Its innovative packaging reflects its values, and is particularly admired by clients in the Gulf.

Its range of fragrances includes classic and modern scents, and modern and contemporary aromas that are geared towards the contemporary consumer.

Ajmaal Perfumes is one of the leading brands in the Middle East. It has more than 200 exclusive retail outlets in twenty-three countries and more than 500 dealerships worldwide.

Its annual turnover is USD200 million. Ajmal Perfumes is a household name in both India and the Middle East. If you haven’t already tried Ajmal’s perfumes, they are well worth a try.


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