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Technology - February 22, 2022

Best Mobile games which you can play

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If you own a smartphone and enjoy playing candy crush, then, believe it or not, you are a video player. Some gaming markets are as challenging when it comes to over saturation and microtransactions than the mobile gaming market. If you have a handy palm pilot, you can find many downloads on the app store and Google play. These titles can be both free and chargeable.

Some of the best mobile games are

Mini motorways and Mini Metro

When you are playing this game and helping a road or a metro manager, they cast from point A to point B. The gorgeous visuals and short spurt gameplay make you addicted to the game. The best part about playing this game is there is no presence of micro-transactions that means you can play as long as you wish to.

Nintendo has made Mario Kart tour

Some missteps with mobile gaming as Mario Kart tour got some flaking for microtransactions. It is ideally not that bad also. This game is fun to play, and currently, the game features multiplayer so you can race with your pals who adore casual racing but avoid investing in consoles.

Though it is not close to the quality of Mario kart eight deluxe, it is quite a fun still with the relationship ruining Mario. The game is free to play by everyone unless they plan to buy some gems to buy characters. The game does a great job of reigning the odds even when the loot box system is inherently flawed.

Exit the Gungeon

the game is the sequel to the stellar Enter the Gungeon, the new version hails from an unbeatable publisher Devolver Digital. It claims to offer an abundance of shooting and slashing with a lot of fast-paced progression and loot. Currently, the game is available on Switch, Stream, and Apple, but there are many chances that it will soon grace Android and Google Play in the future.

Hatoful Boyfriend

the game is ideally a pigeon dating simulator in which you can do both falls in love and die and feel ugly about it. The game is something that will sell you as it has phenomenal writing and sorts of a puzzle game.

It will challenge you to unlock all the various endings. It is funny and doesn’t take itself seriously in the slightest ideal for either picking a putting back down when you need some laughter.


the game is here, there and everywhere. You can play this game anywhere. The best part about playing this game is that it offers a cross-platform and enables cross-play.

It indicates that you can play this game with your console and PC friends on your tablet or phone, and all progress, skins, and other assets will unite, so you are always making some headway. This game is challenging to play without a controller extension, and the mobile version isn’t that polished.

Monument valley

It is one of the best games to play as it is the most artful and polished visuals in the gaming world. And it’s common for you to lose yourself and focus on something that brings up emotions from restricted storytelling. While playing this game, you can turn your phone to don’t disturb mode.

Thus these are some must-play games on mobile.

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