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Find WPS Pin on Epson ET-4700 Printer? Before you start to find the WPS pin on the Epson printer, make sure that your access point (wireless router) is compatible or “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” certified printer. For more details, see the documentation that came with your wireless router.

Find Epson ET-4700 Printer WPS Pin

Locate WPS Pin on Epson printer? Ensure the fitting of a wireless network adapter in your printer is running smoothly and properly attached. For more details, see the guide sheet that came with the wireless network adapter.

Types of WPS connections:

  • WPS PUSH Button
  • WPS PIN Mode

Process 1- Connect Epson Printer via WPS Push Button

Confirm that your router has a “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” button or WPS switch. Wi-Fi Protected Setup or (WPS) authorize you to connect with any wireless gadget in your office or home, which supports the Push button configuration system.

Follow these steps to Find WPS Pin and connect Epson ET-4700 printer:-

  • Step 1:- Using the >Arrow key on your printer select the Settings option and Click Ok.
  • Step 2:- Under the right arrow key setting scroll down Network/Ports option and press button.
  • Step 3:- Wireless option and Tap Ok.
  • Step 4:- Click on Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  • Step 5:- Start “Push Button” Method and Click Ok.
  • Step 6:- Now, A message will appear click the WPS Switch on your router within 2 minutes to finish the setup.

Once the connection is established, you can Find WPS Pin and install the Epson ET-4700 printer software and begin printing. In most cases, It will if you follow the correct steps as shown in the pictures above you can connect/running the Epson ET-4700 printer very smoothly.

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Process 2- Connect Epson Printer to a Network using WPS PIN

The pin Identification procedure is the second way to find WPS Pin and connect the Epson ET-4700 printer to a network.

Follow these points to Connect Epson ET-4700 Printer with PIN mode:-

  • Step 1:- Go to the printer’s C-Panel and follow these steps below.
  • Step 2:- Network [x] >> Network [x] Setup>> Wireless >> Wireless Connection Setup >> Wi-Fi Protected Setup >> Start PIN Procedure.
  • Step 3:- Copy the 8-digit WPS PIN.
  • Step 4:- Open a web browser on your PC/Laptop.
  • Step 5:- Type in your router default IP address (192.168.X.X.X).
  • Step 6:- Now enter your router’s Username and Password.
  • Step 7:- Find WPS PIN inside the router and enable “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” mode.
  • Step 8:- Enter the 8-Digit PIN which you copied from the Epson ET-4700 Printer.
  • Step 9:- Click on Save to save the final settings of your PC/Laptop.

Note:- Install the Epson ET-4700 Printer software on your device and start printing.

Conclusion:- Follow the commands correctly step-by-step to connect your printer to a wireless network. All the techniques are tested and have worked for many Epson printer users. In case you are having trouble then contact us through chat or leave a comment below.

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