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If you’re unsure where the WPS pin HP Envy 4513 Printer is located or how to locate the WPS pin. Here are the Simple Steps to Locate the WPS Pin. During the WPS Setup procedure, the WPS Pin is presented on the screen.


WPS pin HP Envy 4513
WPS pin HP Envy 4513

What is a WPS PIN?

  1. The WPS code is an eight-digit number that works as a security code when connecting your HP Envy Printer to the device’s wifi network.
  2. The WPS PIN number is always numeric, and the HP Envy Printer automatically creates one when the wireless connection is established.
  3. The WPS PIN setup procedure may be used for two reasons.
  • To establish a connection between the printer and the router
  • To synchronise the printer and the connected devices.

What is the purpose of the WPS pin on the HP Envy 4513 printer?

  1. It is an eight-digit number created by the printer’s settings on the hp Envy 4513.
  2. The WPS Pin option establishes a wireless connection between the device and the HP Envy printer.
  3. As with the One Time Password, this WPS code is created automatically and often varies each time (OTP).
  4. This technique ensures that the WPS pin input is consistent each time, and it is also the safest way of wireless connection.

HP Envy 4513 WPS Pin Configuration

Now you may connect your HP Envy Printer with WPS PIN. With the WPS PIN, you may now connect the network and the devices to the HP  Printer. Here is a comprehensive explanation from our specialists that explains the WPS Pin for HP Printer as well as how to locate the WPS PIN on the Printer.

What is the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button on the HP Envy 4513 printer?

  1. This WPS button makes it simple to activate WPS on your HP Printer.
  2. There is no unique WPS button on the HP Printer.
  3. This is readily accomplished by pressing the wireless switch.
  4. If your HP Printer is equipped with a Touch Panel, you may activate WPS mode by selecting WiFi Protected Setup from the Settings menu.
  5. The Settings menu on your HP Printer will activate the WPS mode.
  6. Push the button on your router within two minutes of activating WPS on your HP Printer.
  7. This section will guide you through the process of establishing a safe and secure WPS connection.
  8. In the absence of a touch panel on your HP Printer, press and hold the WiFi button on the control panel for 1-2 minutes.
  9. The Wireless light will begin to flicker, indicating that the WPS mode has been enabled on your HP Envy Printer.
  10. Now, go to your router’s WPS button and press it.

Is the WPS PIN for the HP Envy 4513 always the same?

  1. This eight-digit WPS PIN is created automatically and varies each time you attempt to connect to the HP Printer.
  2. In the event that you missed the 90-second window, resume the WPS pin configuration. Additionally, restart your devices to rejoin the wireless network using the WPS PIN.
  3. The notion of changing the WPS pin on a regular basis will provide an additional degree of security for wireless access. Additionally, you may connect your HP Printer to only WPS-Certified devices.
  4. To connect the device to the HP Printer, follow the same instructions as for wirelessly attaching the device (Windows or Mac).
  5. The only difference is that while attempting to connect, your HP Printer will request the WPS pin.
  6. The WPS PIN shown on the HP Printer Panel should be entered here.
  7. The HP Envy will then establish a connection with the computer.
  8. If you have any problems configuring WPS or recognising the WPS pin for your Printer and router, please contact us at Easy Install Guide.

Follow the commands correctly step-by-step to connect your printer to a wireless network. All the techniques are tested and have worked for many HP printer users.


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