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Technology - February 25, 2022

Picashow: Best Video Editor Software


Picashow is a video editing software with easy-to-use tools that allow you to edit, add filters and effects, music, titles and even subtitles.

Why You Should Make a Video

Video marketing is a great way to reach your target audience and kick-start your business. With a video, you can teach viewers about your product, demonstrate its features and benefits, or even provide them with a specific solution to their problem.

It’s also an excellent way to present yourself as an expert in your field. Videos are the future of marketing. They’re cheaper and more effective than print ads, they allow you to create an emotional connection with customers, and they can be shared on every platform.

The only problem is that making a video isn’t easy. That’s where Picashow comes in. Video is one of the most powerful and engaging forms of digital communication. Research shows that video in all its forms has a better engagement rate than any other form of content, including text and images.

This can be attributed to how humans are wired: video is a medium that communicates through movement and sound. When you watch someone talk on screen, you feel connected to the person because they’re in front of your eyes – they’re not just words on a page or projections onto a wall.

How to Upload a Video on Picashow

The Picashow Video Editor has a user-friendly interface and makes the process of uploading a video easy. Start by selecting the type of video you have on your device. Once you’ve selected the right file, all you need to do is drag and drop it into the browser window.

Finally, provide the title and tags for your video, then click Upload Now! The process of uploading a video is both simple and quick. To upload, use the ‘upload’ button in the library section on the left-hand panel.

You’ll be asked to select a video from your hard drive or to drag it onto the interface. Once you click ‘upload,’ not only does Picashow process the video so that it can be uploaded but also so that it can be played back in high quality on any device.

How to Delete and Edit Videos

Delete Videos: This is a very straightforward process. Move your cursor to the video you want to delete, and click on the trash icon in the top-left corner. This will delete the video, and you will be prompted for confirmation before it is removed. You can also use this option to select multiple videos by holding down Shift whilst clicking on them.

Clear Cache: Once you have edited a video, any changes that you make will not be saved unless you clear the cache first. Use this button if you want to save your changes without having to manually remove all of the videos from your list individually and start over again.

In the event that you may want to delete a video entirely, follow these steps:

1. Click on the icon of the video that you want to delete – it will be located on the right side of your screen

2. Select “Delete” from the menu

3. Hit “OK”


Remove the Audio Track From Your Video

If you have a video with audio, you can use the Picashow Video Editor to remove the audio track. Simply right click on the video and choose “Delete Audio Track.” This will remove all of the audio from your video without deleting any of the footage.

When you edit a video, you can remove the audio track so that it’s just silent. The audio is often selectively shown and not heard by viewers. That way, you can get rid of the embarrassing words we uttered and replace them with something more pleasant.

You might also want to consider removing background music from your video if it doesn’t match the event or feeling you are trying to convey. If you just have music on your video and need to remove the audio track, Picashow Video Editor has an easy tool.

You can use the Fade Tool to export your video with only the music and no vocals by simply dragging the “Fade Out” slider all the way across to the right.


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