Where is the WPS Pin on my Epson Printer

Where do I find the WPS Pin on my Epson Printer? If you are utilizing an Epson printer and try to position the printer on Windows 10, then you must require a WPS Pin to link the printer with wireless internet connection. Every time you attach the Epson printer on Windows 10 you will get a brief “Enter WPS Pin for Epson Printer”.

Where is the WPS Pin on my Epson Printer

Because WPS technology is a secure way to connecting your gadgets. The “Wireless Protected Setup” enables connecting the devices and Where is the WPS Pin on my Epson printer to use the WPS technology that is used by various devices to transmit with each other. WPS Pin innovation is a safe, secure and faster way to connect printer with any WPS supported devices.

How do I find my WPS pin on my Epson Printer?

Now the biggest question is Find WPS Pin on Epson Printer and How to find WPS Pin on Epson Printer? In most Epson Printers “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” pin is located on the printer display. If you take a look at the printer you will find a small screen on which the WPS pin is created for wireless connection. But there are some other Epson printers which we don’t have a screen/display. Even so, you need a WPS pin for these Epson printers too. Hence, to solve this WPS problem for Epson Printers we have these options to attach your printer wirelessly:

Types of WPS connections:

  • WPS PUSH Button (For non-screen Printers)
  • WPS PIN Mode (To screen enabled Printers)

Connect Epson Printer via WPS Button – Where is the WPS button on my Epson Printer

If you are operating an Epson Printer on which you don’t have a Screen or Control Panel, then use this technique to connect the printer with computer_10 Simple Steps to Fix:

  1. If your printer is Off, then turn ON, or if it is ON then Restart it before moving to the next step.
  2. Now take a look at the printer you will find a wireless switch or Icon.
  3. Click the Wireless Button on the printer.
  4. After that, you will see a Green Light starts blinking.
  5. Go to your wireless Router.
  6. You will find a WPS Button, at the backside of your router.
  7. Press and Hold that WPS button for 4-5 sec.
  8. WPS light will start flashing on the router itself.
  9. Wait for 2-3 minutes both the lights on the Printer and Router stop flashing.
  10. Now Your Epson Printer wirelessly connected to the computer.

How to set up Epson Printer with WPS Pin mode – Where do I find the WPS Pin on my Epson Printer

If you are using an Epson printer with Screen or Control Panel then you can find a WPS Pin on Epson Printer.

  1. Turn ON the printer, if it is ON then Restart it before going to the next step.
  2. Go to the Epson printer C-panel and press the Wireless Button.
  3. Now the Wireless light will start blinking.
  4. On the printer display, you will find the option “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”.
  5. Go to “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” and select “WPS PIN”.
  6. Now a WPS Pin will be generated on your Printer.
  7. Remember this WPS pin will be there on the screen for 10-15 sec, after that you have to create a new pin if it’s not working.
  8. Now Enter the WPS pin for your Epson printer on the computer display.
  9. WPS Pin has been generated, your Epson Printer is connected wirelessly with your Windows 10 computer.

What is WPS Pin?

WPS is the newest technology that is used by various electronics devices. It is a special 8-digit code that is generated by the Epson printer for wireless connection between your router. It just works with a wireless router. WPS Pin is like a unique code between your own devices.

This WPS code will protect your printer from unknown users like your neighbors and crowded places. For your kind of information let me tell you, this WPS technology is used by every printer manufacturer company.

How to find WPS Pin on Laptop Windows 10

If you have a Windows 10 device like Laptop, tablet, or 2-in-1 device such as an Epson printer, you can use the “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” to build fast connections to Wi-Fi networks without having to type in the pin of wireless networks? Here’s a full guide for how to attach or connect to Wi-Fi using WPS in Windows 10, on any laptop, mobiles, PC, or device with a wireless network function.

If you need a prompt on what “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” WPS is, we endorse that you read, What is WPS Pin (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)? For this method to work, you need WPS to allow on the access point or wireless router that broadcasts Wi-Fi signal in your zone. Both the device release the wireless signal and the one collecting it must have support for WPS.

What is WPS Pin for Printer?

What is the WPS Pin on my Printer? It is always a demented task to find the WPS Pin on both the Epson printer and the router. WPS PIN is a safe way of attaching your Epson printer and the devices. WPS Pin stands for the “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”. It is an 8 digit special code that is generated by an Epson printer for wireless connection with modem.

In technical words, it is basically a network security standard that is wireless. It helps to make connection between wireless devices and a modem faster and easier. WPS can work for wireless networks only that use a password and the password is shield with the WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal security convention.

How to find WPS Pin on Windows 10 Epson Printer

  • Select the Wi-Fi network to which you want to fasten between WPS in Windows 10
  • First of all, on your Windows 10 device, unzipped the list of available wireless networks. One easy way is to tap or press the wireless icon from the system case.
  • The list that set up shows all the Wi-Fi networks present near you.
  • Find the wireless network that you want to join through WPS and click on its name. Then, press Connect option.
  • Before you press connect, you can also select whether you want to link automatically to the selected network each time you are in its coverage zone. Choose the behavior that you pick.

Fasten through WPS instead then typing the Wi-Fi password

Go to the wireless router or access point. Now, Push the WPS button for a couple of seconds. You should find this button on the back of the router or one of the sides of your router. On some wireless routers, such as those created by Linkups, the WPS button is not marked, but it has a WPS sign like the one highlighted below.

After a couple of seconds, Windows 10 automatically accept the wireless settings from the device (or access point) and join to the Wi-Fi network by itself, without you go into the password.

You are now connected to the wireless network using WPS in Windows 10 operating system. Next time you connect to this network from the same Windows 10 computer or device, you shouldn’t have to push/press the WPS button again.

That’s because the router has already conveyed all the needed settings to Windows 10, including the security pin. Windows 10 stores this information and uses them automatically each time it has to make future connections to the same network.

If you desire to share folders, files, and devices with the other users. In Devices connected to the same network, you might have to swap the network profile settings in Windows 10.

Connect WPS in Windows 10 using a PIN code?

The WPS level also allows devices to connect using a PIN method. Sadly, Windows 10 does not generate a client Pin code that you can use for “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” connections. You can fetch the client PIN only if your wireless network card has a specialized application that creates it for you.

As you can see from this manual, using “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” in Windows 10 to connect wireless networks is both fast and easy. Anyone can do it, and you only need to read this manual the first time you do it. If you have any questions or problems, don’t scruple to leave a comment in the Comment Section below.

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